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WKN.CD GER Weekly Working Notices and Weekly Working Timetables 1898-1914

NEW SEPTEMBER 2019.  This CD contains fifteen copies of the GER weekly notices dated between 1898 and 1914. The first five of them originated as Information Sheets a long while ago. The other ten are a result of combining a huge number of separate coloured scans, which came to light recently, of individual pages of examples from a collection.

There are also five weekly working timetables and one four-page supplement, all from between 1912 and 1914. These have similar origins to the final ten of the weekly notices.

Surviving copies of these documents are not particularly common – there was no reason to keep them, and presumably staff were supposed to destroy earlier versions when a new one came out. The originals are well over 100 years old and had not been specially cared for, and this shows in the scans. They must be regarded as working copies. Ones which are known to have pages missing or pages torn so as to lose some of the information they contain are indicated on the CD with an ‘x’ following their number (such as weekly notice 978x). Others may have lost a page at the back, but this cannot be known for certain.

Some of them are quite substantial publications. The weekly working notices contain up to 70 pages, and the longest weekly WTT has 146 pages. There are no fewer than 1052 pages in all.

We have made the documents word-searchable, and provide on the CD a means by which a single rapid search can be made of the whole lot. The findings must be taken with caution, though: it was difficult to do a reliable OCR of some of the very small print in an ancient font, so not all references may have been rendered successfully and therefore will not appear in the search.

One additional guidance file concerning help with the search facility is very recent and is not on the CD: you may download that HERE.

If you place an order for this item, the CD will be posted to you. A charge to cover postage and packing is added at the checkout before you commit yourself to buy.

Alternatively you can download all the files. The cost is the same, but of course there is then no postage to add on. To see how that works, scroll down and click on the link to WKN.DL.

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