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Ilford Carriage Sidings


Photograph taken, on 11th May 1911, from the Ilford Carriage Sidings Junction signal box looking westwards towards Ilford Station beneath the long footbridge linking Ilford High Road and Ley Street.

The extensive carriage sidings at Ilford, seen on the right, accommodated suburban trains serving the Colchester main line, three of which are apparently ready to depart. The trains are composed exclusively of wide or widened four-wheeled carriages. The locomotives are an M15 (F-4) 2-4-2T on left and two C32 (F-3) 2-4-2Ts on right.

The four running lines are at the left with the goods and coal depot in the background and a brick-built goods shed. The yard was well sited for the town centre and the extensive residential hinterland and is well filled with wagon stock. The GWR cattle box at the extreme left is the only visible exception to a yard otherwise filled with GER stock.


Photograph: GERS Collection
Caption by John Watling and Lyn D Brooks