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Dolly Grey


1035 was one of the last batch of Class T19 2-4-0 to be built in 1897. In 1905 it was the first of the class to be rebuilt as a 4-4-0, using the bogie off a Worsdell 4-4-0 compound, a small class of 11 engines all scrapped between 1902-04. When first rebuilt 1035 was painted in a "photographic grey" livery and was consequently nicknamed "Dolly Grey". The locomotive is dual fitted with Westinghouse and vacuum brakes, with the Westinghouse pump clearly visible. Note the two brake pipes, the nearer being the Westinghouse with its shut off cock, the vacuum neatly stowed and terminated by simple pushing onto a spigot. At the grouping became LNER Class D13 and withdrawn in 1943. Details of the livery and number plates appeared in Great Eastern Journal No.82 April 1995.


Photograph: GERS Collection/courtesy Les Peters