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V Class 2-4-2WT 1864-1865


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GERS Collection 798 0087

This class of 20 large outside-cylinder 2-4-2 well tanks were built in 1864-65 by Nielson & Co. of Glasgow, and were consequently known as the 'Scotchmen'. The design was a tank engine version of the 2-4-2 tender engine designed by Sinclair for the Belgian Great Luxembourg Railway in 1860. They were only the second 2-4-2 tank engine type to be introduced in Britain. The V class were used on the London suburban services initially, as well as a number of country branches and lines. One engine was reboilered, with a boiler of the same type as the original, and two others had their cabs removed following accident damage. The class was withdrawn from service in 1883-1888.