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K9 Class 0-4-2T 1877-1878

7-10, 20-25

7002 43GERS Collection 7002/043

The K9 Class 0-4-2 tank engines consisted of ten engines built in 1877-8 at Stratford Works. In appearance they were akin to a shortened version of the ‘No. 61 Class’ 0-4-4Ts, and incorporated cut-down driving wheels from some old ECR tank engines, whilst the trailing wheels were formerly the leading wheels of the 'Y' class 2-4-0s that had been rebuilt as 4-4-0s. They cannot be described as one of William Adams’ most attractive designs, but they were most useful on the light branch line work for which they were intended. All were given new boilers in the early 1890s, and they were withdrawn between 1903 and 1907.


7002 01GERS Collection 7002/01

An example of a rebuilt K9.