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G69 Class 2-4-2T 1911-1912

LNER Class F-6

1-10, 61-70

7032 50British Railways LO 316/GERSHC 7032/50

The G69 class 2-4-2Ts were introduced under S.D. Holden, being an improved version of the M15 2-4-2Ts (q.v.). They were identical mechanically, but the boiler had a firebox with a sloping grate, and was pressed to 180 lbs. psi. working pressure, with 4-column safety valves on the rear ring of the boiler barrel. The side tanks were higher and held 1400 gallons, and the ‘second generation’ side window cab as fitted to the smaller Y65 class (q.v.) was fitted. A parallel-sided built-up rimmed chimney with polished cap completed the ensemble, and the engines had a very handsome appearance, as can be appreciated in this official study of the first engine built, No. 61. It is unusually painted in the standard blue livery for the occasion, rather than the ‘photographic grey’ treatment. Twenty of the class were built in 1911-12, numbered 61-70 and 1-10.

7032 14GERS Collection 7032/14

The G69s became LNER class F-6 in 1923. One of the first modifications that were made to these engines was to lower the cab roof by some 7⅝-ins. by altering it to a quasi-elliptical profile, as shown in this photograph of No.7003. The engine also has had additional coal rails fitted, but is otherwise in GER condition.

7082 99GERS Collection 7082/99

This photograph shows F-6 No. 7065 at Chingford in the 1930s, by which time is has received the full range of LNER period modifications. Although the cab roofs were altered shortly after the 1923 Grouping, they were later replaced entirely by steel roofs of the same profile, with a sliding ventilator, in common with other ex-GER tank engines. The original Westinghouse pumps were replaced on all engines by the larger 8/8½-in. type, mounted on a bracket to the rear of the smokebox, whilst a vacuum ejector has also been fitted. The standard cast steel chimney has been fitted, together with additional coal rails. ‘Pop’ safety-valves have replaced the 4-column Ramsbottom type, but these show a further variation on this engine, in that they were originally placed on the old Ramsbottom seating, which has subsequently been removed, leaving the base of actual valves exposed. The condensing gear was removed in 1937, as it was on the others of the class, between 1936 and 1938.

7080 135GERS Collection 7080/135

All twenty F-6s became BR property in 1948, by this time numbered 67220-67239. This is No. 67237 (ex-GER No. 8) as running in the early 1950s. This particular specimen has the more normal mounting of the pop safety valves, and has also acquired LNER ‘General Service’ buffers. During the 1950s the engines were concentrated in the country areas, and they were withdrawn in 1955-58.