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Ian Strugnell's final minutes summaries, covering the GER Traffic Committee from 1915 to 1922, have been in File MN026 since February 2020.  It has just occurred to me that the corresponding printed Information Sheets have not yet been offered at a meeting.

I will have those at Ipswich, therefore.  There are three such sheets, M527 to M529, priced at £2.00 each.  As an introductory offer, you will be able to buy all three for £5.00.

Too late to advertise in the last News (i.e., finished today!), a new CD will also be on sale at the meeting.  It contains scans of the monthly Journal of the Locomotive Club, in a continuous sequence from December 1906 to October 1911.  The price is £5.00, but you may well prefer to download the same set of files for just £4.00 in the Files Emporium.  You can read all about it HERE.

Bernard Walsh's 8 mm films are now up and running in the Files Emporium.  They are offered in a choice of three different packages: a direct download of just the digital files (HERE); a download of the whole lot, including the video player ones (HERE); and of course a double DVD set (HERE).

Digitised versions of Peter Kay's out-of-print books on the LT&SR are now available in the Files Emporium. There are five of them.  They fetch high prices in second-hand bookshops, and we hope what we have done will make them more accessible to more people. 

Credit is due to Peter for so willingly agreeing that we may do this.  Credit is also due to Bill King for arranging it and doing all the scanning.

It should be said that copright in the material they contain remains with Peter.

They form the main part of a new Section LTS.  For the convenience of browsers, other files which relate to the LT&SR, at least in part, are also all displayed together there.

You can find Section LTS of the Files Emporium HERE.


My apologies that I haven't been able to provide this information sooner, but I have been a bit busier than usual and the situation has only been finalised in the last couple of days.


The situation regarding new Sales items at Norwich is now clear, and here is an update to the article in the latest GE News.

The entry in the recent GE News remains broadly accurate.

When I wrote my previous article, updating what I had put in the latest News, I took it for granted that you would be able to read that first.  Currently News 176 has been languishing somewhere in our postal system for the past week or two, however, so here is what it said.

As far as new items at the Cambridge meeting are concerned, my predictions in News 176 have proved accurate, with one exception - there is one further year of the minutes summaries available.

The new items which will appear at the AGM have now been finalised (I think!  Any last-minute additions will be posted here).

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