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Documents relating to our publications sales.


pdf Contents of Journals Popular

By 1031 downloads

Download (pdf, 418 KB)


pdf Journal Samples Popular

By 394 downloads

Download (pdf, 13.72 MB)

Journal Samples_R.pdf

A sample set of Journal articles.

pdf Order Form A5 Popular

By 378 downloads

Download (pdf, 9 KB)

Order Form A5.pdf

pdf Sales List Popular

By 1842 downloads

Download (pdf, 981 KB)


Sales List

The main sales list.

pdf Sales List October 2021

By 54 downloads

Download (pdf, 982 KB)


pdf Sales Order Form Popular

By 773 downloads

Download (pdf, 9 KB)

Order Form A5.pdf

Sales Order Form

A5 form for hard copy ordering of sales items.

pdf The expanded Sales List Popular

By 1307 downloads

Download (pdf, 439 KB)


The expanded Sales List

The Sales List in an expanded form (suitable for download, rather than printing).

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