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RE037 Codes of Practice for Permanent Way Workers 1952

RE037  Codes of Practice for Permanent Way Workers 1952
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NEW AUGUST 2016. This was a card-covered 20-page booklet published by British Railways in April 1952, with their reference BR.12804. Its full title was 'Codes of Practice for Gangers, Sub-Gangers and Lengthmen'.

It was not a set of rules laid down for them to adhere to, however. In the Foreword, the appropriately named Mr J Train wrote "This book has been prepared for the guidance of Permanent Way staff and as a reminder to them of what must be done to obtain a high standard of track maintenance."  In effect it described their duties and responsibilities and included some tips on how best to achieve them.

As an example, they should ensure that the joints in the two rails of a track were aligned. They were not expected to carry a 4 foot 8½ inch set square round with them. "To square opposite rail ends at a joint, measure back 10 ft. 7 ins. along the running edge of one rail and then 11 ft. 7 ins. diagonally across the four-foot way; this will shew where the opposite rail joint shouId be."

It stessed the importance of good drainage and the management of streams and culverts. Fences and boundary posts were mentioned, and any encroachments on to the railway property should be reported. The risk of fires and the problems with snow and ice were covered. Fishplates, check rails, expansion joints and the correct spacings for sleepers were there, and so too was guidance on slueing and lining track.

There is an index at the back and the file is word-searchable. It will be available to download as soon as payment has been made. You go to your account and click on ‘Downloads’. New customers create an account as they place their order.

Also available on paper M486
Pages 22
File Size (MB) 5.1

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