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Information Sheet

Great Eastern Railway Society publications include a wide range of documentation relating to the GER, its predecessors & its successors as well as the railway companies which had close geographical or financial ties such as the LT&SR and M&GN Joint.

In addition to back numbers of the GERS Journal, GERS News, drawings etc, there is a large collection of Information Sheets which comprise copies of original publications, précis of documentation held by The National Archives (TNA), collation of information from primary sources, as well as indexes of published photographs, published drawings and relevant TNA references. All items are available to non-members except, for copyright reasons, GERS Journals and GERS News.

Our sales are organised in two ways:-

1. The Traditional Sales List

This is a mail order business, and what it sells are printed items and our 'off-the-shelf' software (such as the GER Magazine DVDs and the Working Timetables CD).

You place an order by filling in an order form (which can be printed out from this web site), then posting it to us with an accompanying cheque. Alternatively you may e-mail your order directly from the web site and pay for it by PayPal or using your debit/credit card.

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2. The Files Emporium

This is a wholly on-line initiative and what it sells are files which you choose on a pick-and-mix basis. You add your selections to an on-line shopping cart, then pay by PayPal or with your debit/credit card. Your order will generally be downloaded, in most cases instantly.

As well as files, our 'off-the-shelf' software can also be purchased and will be delivered by post.

Almost all the items from the Sales List are available here as files, with the principal exception of the large drawings (Section 8b in the Sales List). There are also additional files which are unique to the Emporium.

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Featured Products


There are three special sales items which you may be interested in: a Two-DVD set of the 16 volumes of the Great Eastern Railway Magazine, see GER Magazine for more information; a similar Two-DVD of the 21 volumes of the LNER Magazine 1927-1947, see LNER Magazine,  and a further Two-DVD of the British Railways Eastern Region Magazine from 1948 to 1963, see BR(ER) Magazine. To see a presentation about these magazines, how they were digitized and how to use the files on the DVDs, please click here.

You can buy these DVDs by post through the Traditional Sales List or buy them directly online - there are discounts for society members: just click on the images above to proceed.