For enthusiasts,researchers and modellers of the Great Eastern Railway

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Great Eastern Journal 183
183.04 Bringing home the milk
183.16 Semaphores & colour-lights at Ely
183.26 Breakdown train at Brentwood goods yard
183.30 Conciliation – a mystery photograph deciphered
183.34 Edward Davy – railway electric telegraph pioneer
183.38 The last days of the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway
183.41 Class 90s at work in East Anglia
183.46 The Clearing House

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Great Eastern Journal 182
182.04 The S69 ‘1500’ 4-6-0s (B12s)
182.10 The funeral train of King George V
182.14 The funeral carriage – GNR saloon No.6
182.16 Proposed rail service to City of London Cemetary
182.24 Diesels at work
182.26 George Macallan and his family
182.33 The Macallan variable blastpipe
182.38 Spotlight on Ely
182.46 The Clearing House

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These have now been distributed.

Journal 179 has been distributed.

News 179 has now been distributed

Our latest Journal, printed in colour, has been distributed - ahead of its cover date!

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