For enthusiasts,researchers and modellers of the Great Eastern Railway

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News 190 has been despatched. It includes details of the AGM and also a voting form for the election.

Journal 189 has now been distributed.

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Great Eastern Journal 186
186.02 Classic Camera: LT&SR fire appliance
186.04 Parkeston Quay
186.16 Peter Parker’s visit to the DRS
186.18 From Cambridge to King’s Lynn
186.22 A latter day Petrolea.
186.28 Articulated twin at Norwich
186.34 ‘Exmouth Junction’ concrete footbridges on the GE and LT&S
186.48 The Clearing House
186.55 More ‘Exmouth Junction’ products
186.56 Parkeston Quay station

Has now been distributed

Journal 185 has now been distributed.

Great Eastern Journal 185
185.02 Classic Camera: Cromer
185.04 GER carriage building in 1921
185.16 Modern Traction around Bishops Stortford
185.18 Harwich steamers in wartime – 5
185.27 GER parcels barrow
185.28 The visits of Sir Lamiel
185.34 The Palace Gates ‘Jazz’ services and the SYX Auto-Stop system at Seven Sisters
185.38 Classic Camera (continued)
185.40 Walton’s other railway
185.42 Robert and Harold Gillingwater
185.47 The Clearing House
185.52 Class 90s at Stratford

News 185 has now been distributed. Journal 185 is with the printers.

These have now been distributed.

Great Eastern Journal 184
184.04 The 'No. 134 class’ tanks
184.23 The Woodford Railway missionary
184.26 Green Goddess at Hythe
184.30 Stratford correspondence book
184.32 M-SLR timetable gems
184.37 Centenary of the ‘Jazz’ services
184.42 ACFI feed water heaters on B-12s
184.47 The Clearing House

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