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VID/digital.DL: Bernard Walsh's 8mm Films as a Download.

  • VID/digital.DL:  Bernard Walsh's 8mm Films as a Download.

This is where you can order a download of all the digital files from the pair of DVDs.  You should first read the description of them here.

If you make a purchase here, what you will download is the content of the second DVD: it has all the films as MP4 files, plus film notes and maps. Please note that if you also wish to play the films on a DVD player, you can purchase the files from both DVDs at a higher price at VID/all.DL 

If your TV set has a USB socket, try recording the digital files on a memory stick: you may well be able to play these MP4 films on the TV that way. (Should you want to do that but find that this method does not work for you, simply contact - it can be arranged for you to download the video files as well in return for paying the extra £2.00).

The digital files are big, totalling nearly 4 GB.  Inevitably they will take a long time to download.  How long depends on your speed, of course, but with an ordinary broadband connection it may take as much as half an hour.

If you decide that is how you wish to proceed and would like what is on the digital DVD, this is where you place your order.

If you would prefer to order a set of DVDs sent to you by post instead, you must order it here.  An amount to cover postage and packing will then be added.

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