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TRO.DL: The Re-Modelling of Norwich Station 1985-1987 as a Download

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Electric services through to Norwich began in May 1987. The previous two years had involved much preparation for this. The track layout of the station was simplified. Platforms were extended. The semaphore signalling was replaced with colour lights, and the old signal boxes were demolished. Overhead masts went up. Trowse Swing Bridge was replaced. At Easter 1986 Norwich Thorpe was closed for four days, and Trowse was resurrected as the temporary station for Norwich - the public timetables booklet for the occasion is included here.

The late Bernard Harrison paid several visits to Norwich during this time, and recorded the changing scenes on colour slides. It is his record that forms the main part of this compilation. There are a hundred colour photographs arranged in three files: the works at Norwich Thorpe itself; the building of the new swing bridge; and events at Trowse, including its time of service as the station for Norwich.  A set of maps of Norwich Thorpe as it was, with the signal boxes marked, has been added, to help you better to appreciate what is depicted.

To supplement the pictures, text files are included which give contemporary reports of what was going on, based on observations. These are compiled from three sources: Richard Adderson's notes made at the time; reports in the Railway Observer of the RCTS; and reports in the monthly Ipswich Transport Society Bulletin (which from January 1987 was renamed the I.T.S. Journal).

Together they form an important and unique record of two very eventful years in the history of Norwich Thorpe - changing from how it always had been since the late 1800s to essentially how it is today.

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