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TA.DL Transport Age as a Download

This is where you can order a download of all the files from the DVD.  You should first read the description of them here.

The files are big, totalling 2.33 GB. Inevitably they will take quite a long time to download. How long depends on your speed, of course, but with an ordinary broadband connection it may well take half an hour or so.
The material is split into four separate files.  If one of them fails to download correctly, you can simply download that one again.  You are urged to consult the download guide carefully, which is HERE

If you decide that is how you wish to proceed, this is where you place your order.
If you would prefer to order a set of DVDs sent to you by post instead, you must order it here.  The basic cost is the same, but an amount to cover postage and packing will then be added.

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  • £10.00

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