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LM052 Steam Rail Cars and Sentinel Locomotives, LNER 1933.

NEW JUNE 2019. The main part of this file is a hardback pocket-sized book produced by the LNER and printed at their printing works at Stratford Market. It is undated, but is thought to have been issued in 1933.

Just before that date the LNER had invested in several steam rail cars and in Sentinel locomotives for shunting. This book is a handbook for their enginemen. Its 68 pages contain instructions for preparing them for service, for driving and firing them and for stabling them at the end of their duties. Different classes of rail cars are treated separately: 100HP and 200HP, chain driven and geared. Most were supplied by the Sentinel Company of Shrewsbury, but those which came from Clayton's of Lincoln are included as well. The shunting locomotives were all Sentinels, and became LNER classes Y1, Y3 and Y10.

Since their characteristics were quite different from traditonal steam locomotives, it was also felt appropriate to include details about failures while running - how to identify them and deal with them.

The book concludes with information about their lubrication points. At the back ten large drawings are tucked in (each folded no fewer than twelve times to fit into the book!) showing where these were located.

At the end of the file as a bonus we have added six photographs with detailed captions. Three depict rail cars and the other three show locomotives (a Y1, a Y3 and one of the two Y10s that were used to shunt the quayside at Yarmouth). These photographs and well over 2500 others are available for purchase as JPG files - to see what else is on offer there, go to 'Sales' on our website then pick Photographs instead of the Files Emporium.

The file is word-searchable and fully bookmarked. It will be available to download as soon as payment has been made. You go to your account and click on ‘Downloads’. New customers create an account as they place their order.

Also available on paper L127
Pages 101
File Size (MB) 15.5

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