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LM047 Oil-burning Locomotives, 1940s

NEW JULY 2018. In the period between the end of World War Two and nationalisation, all four railways were planning an initiative to replace coal with oil for some of their services. This 32-page booklet is undated but comes from that time.  It is entitled 'Oil-buning Locomotive [sic]: the inside story told for enthusiasts'. It was written by R J Eaton, illustrated by R Barnard Way and published by the Transportation Press.

It starts with a historical account, referring to the work of Holden.  It then discusses the oil used for fuel - its refining, its chemistry and its advantages.

There follow the principles of how it is used, and the practical details of how they are achieved on a locomotive.  The changed nature of the fireman's job is described. It is explained how a refuelling depot will work and a map is given of their intended locations (which include Stratford, March and Peterborough).  Finally there is a list of the locomotives each company is planning to convert from coal to oil.  Thus the LNER plans to convert locomotives from seven different classes, including 91 K3s.

The file has bookmarks to the main sections. It will be available to download as soon as payment has been made. You go to your account and click on ‘Downloads’. New customers create an account as they place their order.

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