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ITS2020: The Ipswich Transport Society Journals for 2020.

NEW JANUARY 2021.  This download supplies all twelve monthly issues of the Ipswich Transport Journal for 2020 as a single file. For copyright reasons IT IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO MEMBERS OF THE IPSWICH TRANSPORT SOCIETY AND OF THE GER SOCIETY.  ITS members have already paid for it by their subscriptions, and so may claim it for free. GERS members may purchase it for £2.00.

Non-members who would very much like these Journals might consider joining the ITS. They will then receive printed copies each month, at a time when the contents are still current news. They may then claim this annual update for free. You can read more about ITS membership HERE.

About half the 588 pages record contemporary railway developments over the whole of the GE area and beyond. 'From the cab' is a regular contribution from a Colchester-based passenger train driver, describing his work and some of the happenings on the job. The rest of the pages cover mostly bus and shipping matters, including what goes on at the port of Felixstowe.  There are many well reproduced colour photographs relating to all three interests.

You will not be able to download the file immediately - this is in order to enable us to confirm that you are indeed a member. You will then be sent by e-mail a link to perform the download. This will happen in 24 hours at the very most, but we hope it will be a lot sooner than that.

Pages 588
File Size (MB) 36.5

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