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JG.DL: The John Gardner Drawings as a Download

NEW MAY 2020.  Here you will be ordering a download of the contents of the CD of John Gardner drawings (plus some by Lyn Brooks and some by Dennis West). If it is the CD you want, you will find it here - the price is the same but you will have to add an amount to cover post and packing, and of course wait until it is delivered.

You will receive all the drawings LG001 to LG039, at all the available scales listed for them in their individual entries in Section LG. They may each be printed out on A4 paper, in most cases with a choice of 4 mm scale, 7 mm scale or as an A4 drawing.

Briefly, what you will get is:-

0-4-0T: GER B74, B77, G15 Tram, class 209 ‘Coffee Pots’. LNER Y4, Y5, Y6.  

0-4-4T: GER E10, S44. LNER G4

2-4-0:  GER class Y; T19 & T19rebuilt (4 mm only), T26. LNER E4.  

2-4-2T: GER G69, P55; Y65 (not 7 mm). LNER F4, F5, F6; F7 (not 7 mm).  

4-4-0:   GER D56, H88, T19rebuilt. LNER D13, D15, D16/2, D16/3.  

0-6-0:  GER D81, F48, G58, L52, T77, Y14. LNER J15, J16, J17, J19, J19/2, J20.  

0-6-0T:  GER B26 shunting, B32, C72, E22, G75, R24rebuilt, S56.  LNER J65, J67, J68, J69.  

0-6-2T: GER K85. LNER N7.    

4-6-0:  GER S69. LNER B12, B12/3.

The tenders also feature on the CD. So too do enlarged drawings of many common items such as whistles, buffers and Westinghouse pumps.

Bonus drawings include a Kelvedon & Tollesbury coach, a Wisbech and Upwell coach and a GER 55ft turntable. A further ten drawings show GER road vehicles – motor buses, horse-drawn vans and electric lorries.

Most of the drawings are accompanied by sets of detailed notes.

These files are too large to store on the website. Instead you will receive a link to download them. This will be available to download as soon as payment has been made. You go to your account and click on ‘Downloads’. New customers create an account as they place their order.

What you will eventually end up with is a zipped folder - it is around 100 MB, so may take a minute or so before it is complete. If you have Windows on a PC, then right-click on the folder to get a menu and choose 'extract all...' or 'unzip...'.

Also part of CD/DVD bundle JG.CD
File Size (MB) 104

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