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J151-180 DL: Great Eastern Journals 151 to 180 as a Download

  • J151-180 DL:  Great Eastern Journals 151 to 180 as a Download

N.B. If you have previously purchased Journals 1 to 150 and now wish to update it, you are advised to consider an alternative course of action. In those circumstances, you can purchase the complete new download of Journals 1 to 180 for just £6. The advantage of doing this is that all the early Journals have now been re-scanned, and so you will get better quality versions of them. You can purchase and download it HERE

MEMBERS ONLY.  This is where you order a download of all the files from the CD.  You should first read the description of it here, to be sure that it is what you want.  There is  link to return you back to this page at the end of that description.

The files are quite big, totalling 379 MB, so inevitably they will take some time to download.  If that is how you decide you wish to proceed, place your order here.  Because the Journal is restricted to members only, we must first check that you are indeed a Society member then a link for the download will be sent to you by email.  This will happen within 24 hours at the most, but usually we will be able to do it much sooner than that.

If you would prefer to order a CD sent to you by post instead, you should place your order here.  The basic cost is the same, but an amount to cover postage and packing will then be added.

File Size (MB) 379

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