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Documents relating to our publications sales.


pdf All photos by location Popular

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All photos by location v.16.pdf

pdf All photos by loco class Popular

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All photos by loco class v.16.pdf

spreadsheet All photos in numerical order Popular

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All photos in numerical order v.16.xls

pdf Contents of Journals Popular

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Contents of Journals

Index of articles in the Journal.

pdf Contents of Journals 1 195

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pdf Journal Samples Popular

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Journal Samples_R.pdf

Journal Samples

A sample set of Journal articles.

pdf Non GE items in Files Emporium Popular

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Non GE items in Files Emporium

A catalogue of files with wider scope than just GER territory.

pdf Non GE items in Files Emporium Feb 23

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pdf Sales List Popular

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Sales List

The main sales list.

pdf Sales Order Form Popular

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Order Form A5.pdf

Sales Order Form

A5 form for hard copy ordering of sales items.

pdf The expanded Sales List Popular

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The expanded Sales List

The Sales List in an expanded form (suitable for download, rather than printing).