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Photograph Sales

D16/3Photograph 6034 (Album 6, photo 34):  Class D16/3 62513 at Bury St Edmunds


Photograph 10107 (Album 10, photo 107): Berwick-on-Tweed station in the mid 1950s, looking south.

What is on offer?

We offer scans of black and white photographs. The scan of a photo will be supplied as a PDF file. The best way to enjoy the picture is to view it as large as possible on your screen. If you wish, however, you will be able to print a copy of it at roughly postcard size. To do this, on the Print... menu, under page scaling select ‘none’. The resolution should be comparable to the original photo. If you prefer, you could produce an A4 print – set the page scaling to ‘Fit to printable area’ and choose landscape orientation. There will of course be an inevitable loss in resolution which may or may not prove acceptable.

What is available?

There are well over 2500 photos in the catalogue. They are from the collection of Richard Adderson and Graham Kenworthy, who are very happy to make them accessible to all who would be interested. Some photos are of locomotives, and others are of scenes such as stations or junctions. They extend beyond the GE area and cover all the sections of the LNER – GN, GC, NE, several joint lines including the M&GN and the Cheshire Lines Committee, and Scotland.

How can I find out what photos there are?

We have compiled a spreadsheet which is arranged in three forms – in alphabetical order of locations, in order of locomotive class, or listed by the reference number of the photograph.

You can download the spreadsheets here:-




If we have the date for a photo, this is indicated in the listings. Most of the others were taken during the 1950s and early 1960s.

To help you to make a decision, there is another file which contains a thumbnail picture of every single photograph in the collection. You may download it here.

How much do they cost?

The price is just 25p a photo, minimum payment £1. There is nothing extra to add for delivery.

How do I place an order?

We ask you to fill in an order form which you access here. After completion, you are directed to the PayPal system to make payment. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account; instead you may opt to proceed as a guest and use your card.

How will I receive my order?

The file of each photo is of the order of 1 MB in size, so the entire collection amounts to a few gigabytes – far too much to be able to store them all on our website. We cannot provide them as downloads, therefore. Instead, on receipt of your order we will send your files to you on-line via an email from WeTransfer, a file transfer website. This will happen within 24 hours at the most, but we hope it will normally be much sooner than that.

The small print:

What you are purchasing is the image, for your personal enjoyment and information. Its copyright does not come with it. The actual files are copyright the Great Eastern Railway Society. We have made all reasonable efforts to track down the owners of the originals themselves. If we have inadvertently overlooked someone, we would be grateful to be informed so we can put things right.

Re-use of the images:

Our aim is to be as generous as we reasonably can be in response to requests to reproduce one of the images. In cases where the emphasis is on education or information (such as local history or enthusiasts’ outlets), we would try to respond by allowing it in return for some publicity for our own Sales, especially for the photographs and the Files Emporium.

Our PDF files are subject to a measure of security. A purchaser can readily make a back-up copy of it and can do a print from it. More advanced editing, like embedding it in another document, is locked. Where we agree to a request, therefore, you will need an ‘unlocked’ copy of that file. Provided you have already purchased one of the originals, this will be supplied at no extra cost.